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Welcome to CIO Updates, the website that supports the syndication of content across many technology media websites. is a website designed to support the custom design marketing efforts of CDM Media. Through business technology newsltters sent to a select community of IT executives, CIO Updates offers the latest contributions in business technology to IT professionals seeking knowledge from CIO thought leaders, key solution providers, and industry analysts across a variety of mediums and verticals.

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The strategic business summits division of CDM Media creates unique gatherings for C-level IT executives in defined vertical industries.
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Upcoming Summits:

[logo: CIO Healthcare Summit] CIO Healthcare Summit – May 10-13, 2009, Four Seasons Resort, Scottsdale, AZ

[logo: CIO Finance Summit] CIO Finance Summit – Aug. 30 – Sept. 2, 2009, Four Seasons Resort, Scottsdale, AZ


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